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Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Plate Air Pipe Machine Decr

1. Phenomena
There are scratches on the exterior of the air duct, and welding slag and flux are left in the weld.
2. Cause analysis
(1) The blanking and processing methods of air duct sheet are not appropriate.
(2) No method was adopted before welding.
(3) The welds were not treated after welding.
(4) Flanges and air ducts are not made of the same material and electrochemical corrosion occurs.
(5) Carbon steel rivets are selected for connecting air duct and flange.
3. Prevention and control measures
(1) Drawing and blanking of air duct sheet should be carried out on the working table with rubber sheet. Metal scribing needle can not be used in setting out and scribing, so as to avoid damaging alumina film with anticorrosive function.
(2) The weld shall not have defects such as leak welding, virtual welding, perforation and obvious bumps. It is necessary to remove oxide scales at weld joints and wires in order to expose the nature of aluminium. Elimination of oxide scale should be carried out in a short time before welding to ensure the quality of welding.
(3) It is necessary to clean the welding seam with hot water after air pipe welding, and remove the welding slag and flux on the welding seam.
(4) Flanges of aluminium sheet air ducts are better made of angular aluminium profiles or aluminium sheets. If carbon steel angle steel is selected to manufacture flange, it is necessary to do a good job of insulation treatment to avoid electrochemical corrosion. Angle steel flange is usually galvanized or sprayed with insulating paint.
(5) Aluminum rivets of 4-6 mm should be selected for fixing angle flange with air duct. Carbon steel rivets should not be used instead.
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