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Inclined and uneven surface of FRP duct

1. Phenomena
Rectangular duct machine is distorted, the four corners are not straight; circular duct is not round, and the surface of duct is uneven.
2. Cause analysis
(1) The air duct is prematurely stripped without reaching the solidification level.
(2) Place the air duct in an uneven place after film removal.
(3) The method of coating glass cloth and gluing is incorrect.
3. Prevention and control measures
(1) Open-die hand paste method is usually used in the manufacture of FRP air duct machine, i.e. to coat the glass cloth on the mould and brush the rubber at the edge, which is to be cured. Therefore, it is necessary to release the mould after solidification. Early release of the mould will cause the deformation of the main body of the air duct, resulting in the inclination of the shape of the air duct. There are many kinds of resin used in FRP, which should be determined by the corrosive medium. Epoxy resin is widely used. Epoxy resin is a thermoplastic linear structure. It is necessary to use curing agent to make linear and epoxy resin cross-linked into large molecules of network structure, and become insoluble and non-melting hardeners. There are many kinds of curing agents. Amine curing agent is the most commonly used curing agent for epoxy resin curing. Its dosage is relatively strict, so it is necessary to strictly control it. If the dosage is too much, the molecular weight of the cured body will be reduced, so that the properties of the cured body will become brittle. If the dosage is not enough, the complete curing can not be ensured. Generally, the properties of products cured by heating are better than those cured by constant temperature, and the curing time is not shortened. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the curing time under various conditions to ensure product quality.
(2) After demoulding, it is necessary to lay the FRP duct in a flat place to avoid uneven gravity and deformation of the duct body.
(3) When making FRP ducts, first of all, a layer of transparent cellophane is coated on the surface of wood or steel moulds, then a layer of glass cloth is coated on the surface of the coated wood or steel moulds, that is, a layer of glass cloth is coated with each layer of resin rubber. It is necessary to stagger the lap of the glass surface and scrape it flat, and finally a layer of glass cloth is coated on the outside. The surface should be evenly coated with resin to ensure the flatness of the surface.
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