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Non-uniform Arc of Rigid PVC Plastic Circular Air Pipe

1. Phenomena
The air duct is obviously not straight and unequal.
2. Cause analysis
(1) The exterior of the moulding wood of the air duct machine is not lubricated and the arc is not.
(2) The heating temperature and time of rigid polyvinyl chloride plastic sheet did not meet the requirements.
(3) The heating of rigid PVC plastic sheet is uneven.
3. Prevention and control measures
(1) Whether the arc of the air duct machine is uniform or not depends primarily on the degree of the moulding wood. It is necessary for the shape of the wood mould to be arced correctly and lubricated. In order to make the circular arc of the wooden mould uniform, the wooden mould can be rounded by lathe and polished with sandpaper.
(2) Electric heating box should be selected for heating plastic sheet. The temperature of the electric heating box should be kept at 130-150 C. When the temperature in the box is stable, the sheet should be heated. The heating time should be determined according to the thickness of the sheet, so that the sheet can be heat-permeable and not be soft and deformed because the heating time is too long.
(3) Under the condition of satisfying the planned capacity and certain resistance, it is necessary to arrange the electric heating wires in the self-made electric heating box evenly so as to reach the temperature uniformity in the box and have a small temperature difference in the area, so as to ensure the uniform heating of the whole exterior of the board and prevent the uneven local deformation of the board in the process of using the wooden formwork tube coiling.
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