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TDF vertical square pipe seamer


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This equipment is used for the joint angle (Dongyang bone) and right angle bone of the common square air duct. It is the supporting equipment of the rectangular air duct production line. The seaming machine can accurately and high-quality combine the joint seam without other auxiliary connecting tools. It is not only beautiful and generous, but also has low noise, tight, flat and good effect.
Usage: place the square air duct on the working platform, after the photoelectric switch has induction signal, turn the upper and lower inner locking blocks to fix the air duct. The two-way joint mode is adopted. One combined joint roller moves downward driven by the hydraulic motor, and the combined angle is bent gradually by four forming wheels. When it reaches the stroke position, the joint roller moves upward to return to the position, and the other combined joint roller moves upward to complete the bending forming, which guarantees the joint quality of air duct. After the joint is completed, return the rollers, return the locking device, and manually remove the finished air duct.
This machine is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, easy to operate, manual and automatic operation, high stability, saving installation manpower, greatly improving production efficiency.
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